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Apps | Websites | VR | IOT | Games

Mobile apps development

App programmers in India are known for their intensive knowledge and skill set they possess. But to make a great app, other than programming knowledge, one should always have creativity and be a visionary. This is rare to find. We, at ThumbStack, pick the finest App developers with an upper hand in technical as well as non-technical skills. Thus, we assure to deliver an app that is the finest you will ever see.

Website/ Web apps development

Websites are always the first impression of your business online. Make a lasting impression on your clients with us!

We make all kinds of websites including static, dynamic, cloud-based, e-commerce, web app, utility based, portfolio websites and WordPress.

Our engineers are specialized in front and back-end technologies to make your idea come online.

Game development

HTML5 games, Android games, IOS games, Unity 3d, Virtual Reality games and all the casual games are made in the house with creativity in mind.

Creating an enjoyable game requires a lot of effort in character and environment front. Our game developers work in close conjunction with character developers to churn out the best outcome for your game.

Virtual reality

Virtual reality is in the top 10 future trends list and hence the game and app development related to this pioneering technology has geared up considerably.

We, at ThumbStack, make sure you have the immersive virtual experience of the app that you imagined for. We make sure you love the virtual world so much that you don’t want to come out into real world.

Internet of things

Being a software development company, we still show our love towards hardware driven environments. Internet Of Things (IOT) is one of the ongoing trends are we are in love with it.

We develop the software for your hardware which can listen to the communication protocols and bits and bytes sent by your IOT devices.

Corporate Training

We provide all kinds of corporate training in front-end as well as back-end systems. Product or service specific technology trainings are also carried out within the company.

Business Technology

Technology is a critical component of a successful business. But can your current technology keep up with where you want to go? We help you plan the right technology to go ahead with.

Team building

Depending upon the requirement for the product or services required, we help in building the structure of the right team. Right from recruiting to interviewing and later hiring and assigning work, we do that.

Project Process Management

Project management consultancy services are necessary and critical for the success of complex projects (those that are high impact and time sensitive) within your organization. Teams are regularly checked with code reviews and checkups. Regulation and quality checks are done from time to time within your company.

Custom solutions

Depending upon the requirements of the company, we try to provide a custom package with respective solutions.