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Get more performance from your employees at less cost



Make emplyoees work with each other in coordination


Make employees give their best and work with less wastage of time


Make employees see their own progress and work with self motivation

Employee Stats

  • It is found in a survey that out of 7 hours an employee spends in front of computer, only 4 hours are spent on actual productive work.
  • 73% of the bosses said their employees can make silly excuses for not doing their job.
  • 3 out of 10 employees do a task only when it is near due date.
  • 34% of the employees are noted to be productive only when they are going to get some credit for it.
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Common Office Problems

  • We don’t know whether the time an employee spending in office is spent for productive reasons.
  • It is very difficult to track leakages in productivity.Sometimes even employees forget to do some minor but important task given to them as they are busy doing regular office work
  • Sometimes miscommunication between managers and employees leads to your loss.
  • Most of the errors you didn’t even know earlier come to notice while auditing.
  • When you work hard and grow your company, sometimes it is also difficult to handle the growth



Create harmony at your work place


Manage big teams with large number of employees


Get information of work progress easily


Optimize efforts to meet deadlines


Make employees work with coordination and give good results


Before Using Sloth

Situation before using Sloth

  • Lower employees many times bothered seniors and colleagues for simplest of works.
  • Employees were not able to sequence their tasks easily.
  • Feeling of being treated unfair caused office politics.
  • Miscommunication between employees and immediate managers caused problems.


After Using Sloth

Changes seen after using Sloth

  • Employees became active and self sufficient in gaining information about what to do.
  • It became easy to prioritize tasks without interrupting current task.
  • Communication between staff and management became smooth.
  • All resulting in a healthy and happy work environment

It has never been so easy

Get Employee to perform at 150% to 200%

75% better communication between the staff

62% decrease is wastage time

80% increase in visibility over task progress

Average Market Price

When you search for these systems in market

For 200 users Asana Push Crew Hubstaff Our Software
Task Management Yes No No Yes
Notification Management No Yes No Yes
Activity Tracker No No Yes Yes
Price (INR) 550/user 100/user 600/user 299/user

Sloth will do all of this at 299 Rs per employee per month

One complete software for your enterprise

  • Single User
    • Free
      • Productivity enhancing
      • Website analysis
      • Task management
      • Push notification
      • Dedicated Hosting
      • Single User

    • Call For Demo
  • Basic Pack
    • Rs 499 User/Month
      • Productivity enhancing
      • Website analysis
      • Task management
      • Push notification
      • Dedicated hosting
      • Upto 50 Users

    • Call For Demo
Top Selling
  • Standard Pack
    • Rs 299 User/Month
      • Productivity enhancing
      • Website analysis
      • Task management
      • Push notification
      • Dedicated hosting
      • Upto 200 Users

    • Call For Demo

Get a completely customized deal for more than 200 users

Get more from an employee at less cost