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VR next level in reality

When we hear the term Virtual Reality, the first thing that comes to our mind is the experience we had with a VR headset. It was one of its kind. It was new. It was mesmerizing. Something directly resembling those gadgets in sci-fi movies.   “The incredible thing about the technology is that you feel like you’re actually present in another place with other people. People who...

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Gamification is the incorporation of gaming interfaces in non-gaming concepts. In simple words, gamification is the process of presenting a concept through games. The benefits of gamification are as clear as they can be. Gamification increases engagement with the concept, it stimulates creativity and amplifies knowledge acquisitions. The bigger question here is, How gamification has changed online user interaction with websites and applications? Which sectors...

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Role of technology during this pandemic

We have truly witnessed the power and advancement of our technological growth during this lockdown. When all other sectors of our country were struggling to make ends meet, technology proved to be a great help in each sector. CoronaVirus is a tragedy that caught us off guard. It tested our country’s strength in tackling any such situation. It proved that we were not ready for...

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Microsoft surface hub 2

“Microsoft surface hub 2 is a pioneering technology bringing future of the office industry to the real world. It’s a brand of interactive touchscreen whiteboard equipped with multi-pen and multi-touch capabilities. With advancements like live collaboration and video conferencing, Surface Hub 2 rolls out in 2019”   Once upon a time, conferences were made in the confines of rooms at top-notch centers and special locations. Companies had to convey...

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A year ago, we were in talks with a client who had a medium scale enterprise. He wanted to build a custom-made e-commerce website. The client was referred by one of our close friends hence, I took the project quite personally.  We, at ThumbStack, strive hard to follow the ethics and deliver a customer-centric approach so as to create the best product for our clients. The...

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